We are the wholesale supplier company located in Westchester County, NY. We are supplying merchandises for deli & grocery stores, convenient stores, gas station markets, hotels & building managements with over 2000 items. Position is for full time Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

We are looking for warehouse worker

Your duties are ;

  • Unloading shipped merchandises to the warehouse in required time
  • Sorting shipped merchandises to their shelves and specified places
  • You have to handle all goods with extreme care
  • You have to check the number of boxes with the information that is provided to them by the supervisor and report it back to them
  • You always have to check the condition of the goods when they are loaded and unloaded
  • If some of the boxes are in a damaged state, they have to report it to the supervisor so they can inform the management that the goods were brought in a damaged state
  • Preparing the orders to collect them on the last checking table before to pack them.
  • Checking each items with supervisor and then marking each order numbers on the shipping boxes.
  • Keeping the shipping area clean and neat.

You must be ;

  1. Physical strength ( that is a must ),  mobility and stamina are basic requirements in a warehouse because you must unpack goods, move them and pull them from shelves
  2. You must be able to carry at least 15 lbs weight.
  3. Attention detailed on good organization and works.
  4. Teamwork and communication skills enable warehouse workers to effectively interact with coworkers and managers
  5. Authorized to work in the U.S.A


For this position at least 2 professional reference will be required. Please send your PDF file resume to    human.resources@everestwholesales.com